Post your scores in the comments! What is the highest difficulty you can reach?


  • Movement: WASD, HJKL, Arrow Keys, (Numpad)2468
  • Wait a turn: SPACE, (Numpad) 5
  • Magic ability 1: 1, then a direction
  • Magic ability 2: 2, then a direction
  • Ranged ability: 3 or R, then a direction
  • Melee: bump it
  • View Party: P

You can use mouse clicks to move too, but be careful. It's not the smartest.

Monster tiles from Everything else by me.

  • v 1.02: balance changes, jelly cant insta-shot you, melee damages reigned in.
  • v 1.01: hold right shift and press backspace to delete your save. (then reload the page if you want to start over)

Development log


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Nice work! It was heartbreaking to see my party members getting slain one by one. I'll always remember Kiki De Leon, the adventurer who I thought could make it.