work in progress

  • left mouse button down -> draw
  • space -> toggle play/pause
  • enter -> step forward
  • backspace -> reset

cellular automata rules:

  • cell can have values [0, max] (max is currently 4)
  • cell with less than two neighbors decrements by 1, clamped at 0
  • cell with two neighbors stays at current value
  • cell with three neighbors increments by 1
  • cells that exceed max are set to 0
  • cell with more than three neighbors set to 0


  • during play mode, the highlighted row is evaluated on each tick.
  • each column has a parameter string of 2 hex characters. the 1st  character is the audio channel, the 2nd character is the parameter which the cell value will affect.

current channels

  • there is currently only 5 channels: [0, 4] which contain 5 notes of c major pentatonic scale.

current parameters

  • 0: unused, the column does not affect audio
  • 1: volume, this column affect volume of the assigned audio channel
  • 2: clip position, this column affects the playback position within the audio clip, 0 means start, 1 is 20% of clip length from start, 2 is 40%, etc.
  • 3 to F: unused, the column does not affect audio

StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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