A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A Ludum Dare 38 Solo Compo Entry by Edwin DeNicholas

A musical exploration in small (maybe claustrophobic?) space. VR optional, Press F1 to enable in game. Warning: Only enable VR if you don't get motion sick :)


  • WASD, Xbox/Oculus Touch left analog stick to move forward, back, strafe left and rights
  • E, C, Xbox/Oculus Touch A, B to fly up and down
  • Mouse, Xbox/Oculus Touch right analog stick to look around
  • LMB, RMB, Xbox/Oculus Touch L/R triggers to Grab objects. Hold to carry.
  • Tip: You can move through walls there's no collision :)
  • Press F1 to enable VR if a valid device is found (Oculus rift, OpenVR).
  • Press F2 to toggle Xbox controls or motion track controls for VR mode. Tested and found to work with Oculus Touch and Vive controllers. (Note: sometimes when activated, hands will appear in the wrong location. Restart the app if this occurs. Not sure whats happening there)
  • Press Alt+F4 to exit, or if in VR use Home button and exit.

Resources used

All content created by me or included with Unity 3d, except for the following:


Version 01.01 - Fixes camera roll when using right analog stick.


MimosaFizz_Win_01.01.zip 21 MB
MimosaFizz_Mac_01.01.zip 35 MB
MimosaFizz_Linux_01.01.7z 29 MB
MimosaFizzUnity3dSource.7z 11 MB
MimosaFizz_Win_01.00.zip 21 MB
MimosaFizz_Mac_01.00.zip 35 MB
MimosaFizz_Linux_01.00.7z 29 MB

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