A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


* You are a starving indie-game dev. You need $5000 to publish your game. Get it within 5 days or starve. You have the power to see the results of dice rolls, and influence them. Use your powers to win at back alley dice.


  • Arrow keys to move.
  • Mouse click to pathfind (be careful!)
  • Middle mouse and drag to pan viewport.
  • Bump gamblers to gamble.
  • End turn on beds to go to next day.
  • Click item or press Enter to use.


  1. You can see the results of seemingly random events, such as dice rolls.
  2. You need $5000 to submit your game.
  3. Gamble against opponents to earn $.
  4. Highest dice roll wins the gamble.
  5. A 3rd dice breaks ties. Roll of 1-3 goes to the opponent, 4-6 goes to you.
  6. Magical items can be found in trashcans.
  7. 1 die roll determines what is found.
  8. You can only carry one item at a time.
  9. Clicking on bed ends the day.
  10. 3 dice affect the next day.
  11. You have a limited number of days.
  12. Use the mouse until you master rules.


* Nope!


* Click X or Press ALT+F4 (Command-Q) to quit.

Font: http://www.dafont.com/oldnewspapertypes.font

Created by Edwin DeNicholas (@edenicholas) for the Annual Seven Day Rogue-like Challenge, 2017. Copyright (c) 2017, Edwin DeNicholas. All rights reserved.


Diecognizant-Win-v01.00.zip 12 MB
Diecognizant-Mac-v01.00.zip 15 MB
Diecognizant-Linux-x86-v01.00.zip 15 MB
Diecognizant-Linux-x86_64-v01.00.zip 15 MB

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