A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Created in 72 Hours by

for Ludum Dare 32, An Unconventional Weapon


  1. * common jrpg commands have been hampered in some way
  2. * for example: the fighter does little damage, the wizard is out of mana, etc
  3. * use the less conventional or less commonly used jrpg commands to win.


Toggle Audio On/Off

  • * Press the 0 (zero) key

Advance through non interactive screens:

  • * Press any key to advance through title, game over, and credits screens.

Exit Game:

  • * Press ALT+F4 (Command-Q) to quit.

Battle Screen controls:

  • * Select Hero:A, D, Left, Right, Gamepad Left Analog Stick left or right
  • * Select Action: W, S, Up, Down, Gamepad Left Analog Stick up or down
  • * Confirm Action: Return, Left Mouse Button, Gamepad A button
  • * Close Item/Talk: Backspace, Right Mouse Button, Gamepad B button


Windows 28 MB
Mac 30 MB
Linux 30 MB